The Stones women dvd’s

Ди-ви-ди из моей коллекции. По вопросам приобретения пишем сюда:








Marianne Faithfull
On TV 65-90 2dvd
I’ll Never Forget What Is His Name 67
The Girl On Motorcycle 68
Lucifer Rising 72
Sings Kurt Weill 97
Dreaming My Dreams 1999
Leverkusener Jazztage 2005
AVO Session Bazel 2005
Live In Hollywood 2005 dvd9
The South Bank Show 2007 w/ bonus
The South Bank Show 2007 same but widescreen and no music clips
Jazz Open Stuttgart 2009
Jazz Open Stuttgart 2009 + Keeping the Faith doco
St. Luke 2009 official dvd9
When I Find My Life  2dvd
CBS Sunday Morning 03-05-2009
Why I Hate the Sixties
Who Do You Think You Are 2013

Anita Pallenberg
Michael Kohlhaas – Der Rebell
Dillinger e Morto
Go Go Tales
Mr. Lonely








Katia Ivanova
Celebrity Big Brother








Mandy Smith
Pretty Voices Vol.16








Marsha Hunt
Bilzen Festival 69 v.a.


Mick’s Girls
Fame Set & Match
Young choreographists’ creative workshop  — SPb, 2019 («Porte Rouge» by Melanie Hamrick)
Das Wilde Leben (movie about Uschi Obermaier)

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