Mick Jagger dvd bootlegs

Ди-ви-ди из моей коллекции. По вопросам приобретения пишем сюда: rollings@yandex.ru






Interviews 65-83-85
7887 2dvd
Bill & Mick – 2 Meter Sessions
The Nightingale (Dr. Exile 40)
The Old Grey Whistle Test 1985
Deep Down Under Special’88
Melbourne 1988
Auckland 1988
Tokyo Dome 1988
From Tokyo to Osaka 88 2dvd
SNL Rehearsals 1993
SNL 93
Webster Hall 1993
Sweet Big Apple (Jointrip) 2dvd
Don’t Look Back
A & E Biography
He’s The Boss (Dr. Exile 57)
El Rey Theater, LA 15-11-2001
My Friend MJ
Stepping Out 2dvd
Superheavy Web Video Collection
It’s Only R’n’R (Jointrip)
White House & More
On SNL 12-05-2012
Young choreographists’ creative workshop  — St. Petersburg, 2019 (incl. Porte Rouge)

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